Zucchini – Goldfinger Hybrid


Cucurbita pepo melopepo

(Summer Squash)

A yellow zucchini with clear skin and good yields of slim attractive fruit.  Pick when 20 cm long for best crops.


approx. 7-12 s/g.

Sow 2 or 3 seeds 2 or 3cm deep, every metre thinning to strongest after germination.

Sow seed 3 cm deep, in groups of 3, groups 1 metre apart. Thin to the strongest after germination. Sow directly where to mature to avoid serious setbacks. Sow October to December (cold), September to January (warm) and September to January in the tropics.  Expect germination in 7 days at 21 deg.C. soil temp.  Re-sow every 6 weeks for continuous cropping.  Pick every few days to avoid oversized fruit.

CAUTION Seed may be treated with a pre-emergence fungicide. Do not use as stock food. Only for use as SEED for SOWING

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1 Pkt. (10 seeds)

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