Beans – Zenith


Phaseolus coccineus

Also known as Scarlet Runner or Seven Year beans. Thick fleshy green pods with a rough appearance but excellent flavour. Pods typically 25 to 30 cm long.  Plants regrow each year and require a trellis on which to climb.  Not suited to warm and hot districts, as while plants grow and flower well, they rarely set pods.  Vigorous and hardy with very ornamental scarlet flowers.


approx. 3 – 5 s/g

Requires cool conditions for good pod set. Very ornamental with scarlet flowers. Sow 5cm deep, 15 cm apart. Germinates in around 10 – 15 days at 21 deg. C. soil temperature.


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1 Pkt. ( 30 seeds), 100g

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