Watermelon – Kryptonite Seedless Hybrid


(Citrullus vulgaris).

Early maturing variety of sweet round seedless fruit with dark skin. Fruit typically 10kg with crisp dark red flesh. We include Kruger as a pollinator. Note: The pollinator produces an elongated fruit with seeds. Packets only: 5 seeds of Kryptonite Hybrid plus 5 seeds of pollinator



approx. 15 s/g.

Sow 2 cm deep in spring and early summer in warm areas, July to February in the tropics.  Space plants 45 cm apart. Alternate Kryptonite with the pollinator in the row.  Performs best in warmer areas.  Expect germination in 10 – 12 days at 26 deg. C. soil temperature. Feed and water heavily.

Harvest Watermelons when the fruit surface becomes uneven when rubbed lightly with the palm. Additionally, the spot where the fruit lays on the ground changes from white to a cream colour.

CAUTION Seed may be treated with a pre-emergence fungicide. Do not use as stock food. Only for use as SEED for SOWING,

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1 Pkt. (5 + 5 seeds)

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