Tarragon – Russian


(Artemisia dracunculus).

(Russian Tarragon)

Perennial herb.

A vigorous plant displaying branching stems with narrow, pointed aromatic leaves. Plants grow to 1.5 metres with the flavour being milder than other varieties. Very hardy and easy to grow. Used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Leaves used to flavour vinegar, fish, poultry, eggs and mushrooms. Space 60cm apart.


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approx. 4850 s/g

Sow seed in spring into warm soil, 1 cm deep, transplanting to 60 cm apart.  Requires a well drained position, and prefers dry rather poor soils. Protect over winter with straw mulch in cold areas.


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1 Pkt. (900 seeds), 1g (6100 s/g)

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