Sweet Pea – Knee Hi Mix


(Lathyrus odoratus).

A semi dwarf sweet pea in a delightful range of colours. Easily grown from seed, these are a great seed for beginner gardeners to start their venture into growing plants from seed.



approx. 12 s/g

Prepare seed for sowing by soaking in water overnight. Plant seed 1 – 2cm deep in rows 15cm apart. They are best planted where they are to grow. Traditionally planted on St. Patricks Day in many areas of Australia, you can plant them from January – April (cool climate); March – April (Temp); and March – May (Tropics). Plants grow to 90cm. Expect germination within 7 – 14 days at 21 degrees soil temperature. Plants benefit from being supported by a trellis, or other plant support .

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