Spinach – Winter Bloomsdale


(Spinacea oleracea).

Large succulent dark green leaves on vigorous plants. Best sown Autumn and early Spring in cold areas, late Summer and Autumn elsewhere.

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approx. 120 s/g

Spinach is traditionally a cool season crop, but newer varieties permit sowings throughout the year. Not a good crop for hot districts. Manure well, keeping moist. Likes well limed soils.

Sow thinly every few weeks, in rows 30 cm. apart, 1 to 2 cm deep anytime except during summer.  Keep well watered. Plants do not like strongly acid soils. Expect germination in 8 to 10 days at 18 deg. C. soil temperature. Grow in rich soil for best results.

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1 Pkt. (250 seeds)

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