Spinach – Warragul or New Zealand


(Tetragonia tetragonoides).

Not a true spinach, but an excellent hot weather substitute. Sow in spring.
Pick the young tips for best taste. Australian native.

Also known as New Zealand Warragul Greens or Spinach, this plant tolerates hot conditions far better than other types.

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approx. 14 s/g.

Spinach is traditionally a cool season crop, but newer varieties permit sowings throughout the year. Not a good crop for hot districts. Manure well, keeping moist. Likes well limed soils. Space rows 30cm. apart.

Sow seed 1 cm deep in spring, picking the tips all summer for use as Spinach.  Sow direct, thinning to 30 cm apart.  Soak seed for 24 hours before sowing to hasten germination.  Expect germination in 12 to 14 days.  An Australian native plant.

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1 Pkt. (40 seeds), 25g

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