Pumpkin – Jap


Cucurbita spp

Exceptionally dry and fine flavoured. Soft skinned, this mottled yellow and green medium size pumpkin is rapidly gaining popularity. Not suited to cool areas. One of the best of all to eat.  Fruit medium size. Sometimes called Kent.



approx. 5-14 s/g.

Pumpkin and Winter Squash are both long keeping cucurbits that locally are referred to as Pumpkins. There is no difference in culture or use. Constant water and heavy feeding are required for good crops. Sow October to December (cold): September to January (temp): July to March (trop). Sow into warm soil, in groups of 3 or 4 seeds, with 1 to 1.5 metres between clumps. Thin to the strongest. Germinates in 7 – 10 days at 26 deg. C. soil temperature.

CAUTION Seed may be treated with a pre-emergence fungicide. Do not use as stock food. Only for use as SEED for SOWING,

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1 Pkt. (15 seeds), 10g

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