Onion – Red Legs


(Allium fistulosum).

(Welsh Onion or Multistalked Shallot).

A red shanked Spring Onion (Shallot), that can be sown year round. Red colouring appears after 6 weeks.


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approx. 250-400 s/g.

Remove individual stems when around pencil size. Sow any time, but it is best sown autumn or spring. Sow  1 cm deep, thinning 5 to 8 cm apart, 25cm between rows. Choose an open, sunny site. Do not use fresh animal manure or blood and bone fertiliser close to sowing time. Grows best soil which has been well fertilised for a previous crop. Germinates 10 Р12 days at 21 deg. C. soil temperature.

Tasmanian Customers. Please note that all onion seed is treated to comply with Tasmanian Quarantine Regulations.

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1 Pkt. (80 seeds)

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