(Brassica japonica)

An old and important Japanese vegetable that favours the colder times and cooler climates. Excellent in leafy mixes.

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Unlike many traditional European and New World vegetables, most Asian vegetables mature very quickly, and once ready to harvest must be picked within a day or so. Small regular sowings are required. Pak Choi (Bok Choy) and Chinese Cabbage (Wong Bok) are best sown in summer and autumn in cold areas, July to March in warm areas and all year in tropics. Sow the seed where the crop is to be grown, watering and feeding generously.

Sow seed 1 cm deep in Summer and early Autumn for maturity from Autumn to early Spring. Smooth edged leaves. Space  10 to 40 cm.  Expect germination in 10 days at 21 deg. C. soil temperature.

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1 Pkt. (350 seeds), 10g

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