Melons – Southern Sweet


(Cucumis melo).

A Cantaloupe (Rockmelon) of our own breeding that reliably matures in cooler areas. Fruit are small to medium size, very sweet and reliable. Best sown late October/early November in cool districts.



approx. 30 s/g

Cantaloupes/Rockmelons must be left to vine ripen until the stem comes away at the slightest touch. Sow mid to late spring (cold): spring and early summer (temp): July to February (trop). Sow seed 1 to 2 cm deep, in groups of 3 seeds, allowing 1 metre between groups.  Thin to the strongest seedling after germination.  Sow late October & early November  in cool areas, spring and early summer in warm areas, July to February in the tropics. Expect germination in 7 days at 23 deg. C. soil temperature.

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1 Pkt. (20 seeds)

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