Lettuce – Bistro Blend


Lactuca sativa

This excellent flavoured lettuce mix gives many different leaf shapes, textures and colours including deep red, brown and green shades.



approx. 900 s/g.

Lettuce need to be sown at recommended times for best results. Heavy feeding and constant watering is required. Mulch, particularly in hot weather. High soil temperatures can cause seed dormancy, which may be broken by placing the seed in a refrigerator for 72 hours before sowing. Sow 1cm. deep, thinning or transplanting as suggested. Summer sowings of all types are risky in tropical areas.

Leaf Lettuce is ideal for early late Spring and early Summer sowing. By picking a few leaves at a time, one sowing can give fresh leaves for 2 months.

Best sown 0.5 cm deep in spring and autumn, thinning or transplanting to 25 cm apart.  Avoid sowing in the  hottest and coldest periods of the year.  Expect germination in 7 days at 18 deg. C.  soil temperature.

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1 Pkt. (150 seeds)

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