Kohl Rabi – Early Vienna White


Brassica oleracea gongylodes

Delicate mild flavoured roots. Skin is light green with creamy white tender flesh. Although grown and used like turnips, Kohl Rabi is a far superior vegetable. Matures in around 55 days from sowing.

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approx. 280 s/g.

Sow 1cm deep spring to late summer (cold): July to September and January to March (temp): January to May (trop), in rows 30cm apart and thin out to 15cm apart. Sow seed 1 cm deep October to February (cold), October to April (warm) and January to March in the tropics. Thin 10 to 15 cm apart when large enough to handle. Harvest at around tennis ball size. Expect germination in 10 – 12 days at 21 deg.C. soil temperature.


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1 Pkt. (300 seeds), 10g

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