Herbs – Cumin


(Cuminum cyminum).

Cumin seed is treasured worldwide as a culinary essential with the seeds being used to flavour many dishes. Young leaves are a pleasant addition to salad dishes. Green – white coloured flowers on hardy plants to 20cm.

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approx. 300 s/g.

Cumin needs good free draining, fertile soil in a sunny position for successful cultivation.

Cumin requires a considerable growing season. For best results start indoors approximately a month prior to the last frost of  spring. Sow shallowly, covering the seed with 3mm of soil. Keep moist and moderate water slightly once seeds start to germinate.

Sow mid Spring to early Summer (cold), Spring to mid Summer (temp),  In tropical regions of Australia sow cumin during the dry season, from early to mid Autumn is best.


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