Kale – Half Tall Scotch


Brassica oleracea acephala

(BORECOLE) (Dwarf Blue Curled)

Intensely curled dark blue/green leaves make this an attractive leaf vegetable.  Leaves can be harvested over a long period. Plants to 60cm.  

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300 s/g

Kale is sown and grown as for Cauliflowers but is easier to grow and is rich in iron. Either pick young leaves, or the entire plant while still small. Flavour improves with cold weather.

Sow seed November to February, 1 cm deep in a seedbed, transplanting 60 cm apart around 6 weeks later.  Feed heavily, keeping well watered in hot periods.  Expect germination in 7 to 10 days at 21 deg. C. soil temperature

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1 Pkt. (300 seeds), 10g

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