California Poppy – Ballerina Double Mix


(E. californica).

A beautiful mix of double and semi double annual in a good range of colours. Flowers have a pretty ‘tutu’ effect. Typically grows to 25cm – 40cm and self sows readily. A cottage garden favourite. Adaptable to most well-drained garden soils in an open sunny position. Tolerant to poor sandy soils and is drought and frost resistant. Very easily grown.


approx. 650 s/g.

Prefers a warm position.  Sow seed 1 cm deep where plants are to grow, thinning to 30 cm apart. Sow in spring and summer (cold and warm areas), winter and spring elsewhere.  Plants can flower in 8 weeks from sowing.  Expect germination in 2 weeks at 15 deg. C. soil temperature.



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Pkt (100 seeds)

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