Brussels Sprouts – Albarus F1


(Brassica oleracea)

A medium maturing, late season variety producing high quality, firm, well filled sprouts which are very uniform and provide a mild taste. Ideal for sowing as a follow up to Abacus F1 for continuous supply.


Sow seed 1cm deep in a seed, June to Sept (cold – temp), not suited to tropics. Transplant approx. 6 weeks later with plants 75cm apart, 1.2 metres between rows. While Brussels Sprouts are tolerant of a range of soils, they do need a solid soil to support the root system which needs to be strong to hold up these top heavy plants. They do well in full sun but prefer a semi shaded position. They also benefit from well aged manures being dug in prior to planting. Do not overfeed with nitrogen and keep well watered. Expect germination within 7 – 12 days.

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1 Packet (10 seeds)

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