Broccoli – Romanesco


(Brassica oleracea italica).

An unusual broccoli with pale green pointed heads that are highly regarded for their taste and appearance. Extremely tasty. Plants have an open habit and require heavy feeding. Sow December or early January.


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approx. 300 s/g.

Sow seed 1cm deep in a seedbed, transplanting around 6 weeks later. Space plants 45 to 60cm apart. Can be direct seeded. Expect germination in 7 – 10 days at 24 deg. C. soil temperature. Feed heavily and keep well watered.

Seed must be sown in December or early January for trans-planting around six weeks later.  Plants are open in their habit and require heavy feeding.  Space 60 cm apart.  Expect germination in 10 days at 21 deg.C. soil temperature

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1 Pkt. ( 40 seeds), 5g

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