Broccoli Raab – Sessatina Grossa


(Brassica rapa ruvo).

Similar to normal Broccoli but where stem, leaves and heads are eaten raw or lightly cooked.

Used by Romans and called “cabbage flower” and in England as “Italian Asparagus” from early 1700’s. High vitamin C and protein. 

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approx. 300 s/g

Sow 1 cm deep where plants are to grow, thinning to 5 cm apart. May be ready in as little as 5 weeks when sown September to February.  Germinates in around 10 days at 18 deg. C. soil temperature. Feed heavily and keep well watered.

Likes soil rich and well watered. Sow anytime to ensure harvest during cooler months, doesn’t do best in hot weather. Frost hardy. 

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1 Packet (60 seeds)

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