Beans – Gourmet Delight


Phaseolus vulgaris

Heavy cropping Dwarf French variety with tasty 15 cm stringless pod, harvested over a long period. Tolerates both hot and cold conditions. Harvest in around 8 weeks.

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approx. 3-5 s/g.

Sow October to Jan (Cold), Sept to Feb (Temp), AYR (Trop) with seed 3cm deep and 10cm apart in the row. Space rows 60cm apart. Keep well-watered, particularly when flowering. Keep well fed and watered. For continuous supply, make repeat sowings every 3 weeks. Expect germination in 7 – 10 days at 21 deg. C. soil temperature. Beans love humidity, particularly at flowering time, for good pod set.


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1 Pkt. ( 120 seeds), 100g, 250g

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