Beans – Blue Lake Climbing


Phaseolus vulgaris

A very attractive and high quality  round stringless French bean. The green pods are 15 cm long.  Needs a trellis to around 2 metres for support. Heavy yielding, attractive and tasty.


Sow seed 3 cm deep, 10 cm apart from Oct – Dec (cold), Sept – Jan (Temp) and AYR (Trop). Germinates 7 – 10 days at 21 deg. C. soil temperature.  Ensure that plants are well watered and fed particularly during flowering. Expect 3 to 5 times the crop of dwarf varieties over a longer picking period.  Grow on a trellis up to 2 metres tall.


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1 Pkt. ( 100 seeds), 100g, 250g

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