Asparagus – Sweet Purple


Asparagus officinalis

Perennial lasting up to 30 years. High in Folic acid, rich in Potassium and Vitamins B6, A & C. Expect large, deep burgundy spears with a delightful nutty flavour. Very tender and delicious.

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approx. 45 s/g.

Asparagus are heavy feeders and require rich, deep, friable soil for success. Clay soils will need to be well prepared.

Sow 5mm deep, 45 cm apart, in rows 1.2m , in furrows with a light covering of soil. Fill the furrow back in as the plants grow. Best sown mid Spring – Summer (temp & cold), Early Spring to Autumn (subtropical) not suitable for the Tropics. Prefers full sun. Expect germination in 21 – 25 days at 25 degrees C. soil temperature.

It is important to avoid harvesting the spears for the first two years to allow the crowns to become established. For best results, remove all ferns that appear to be forming berries.



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