Hi! We’re Chris and Colin. We are honoured to be the new caretakers of a 98 year old business, New Seeds – Gippsland Fresh from 1923. Our passion lies in sourcing and selling you quality seeds and giving you the information you need to grow a healthy garden and your own produce.

We’re here to inspire you to have a go.

With over 600 different varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds – there is something for everyone for big or small spots in your garden.

Almost a 100 years young


Carters Seeds, was started by William Carter in Murrumbeena – Melbourne’s original market garden and prime agricultural land that serviced the growing Melbourne town population.


William moved his family and business to Noojee, in the northern Gippsland Region of Victoria, renaming it to New Gippsland Seed Farm. He grew the business and became well known for providing quality seeds.


Norman and Betty deVaus bought the business from William’s widow, after he passed, keeping the well known name going and moving the seedroom to Silvan, in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.


At the time Peter, Norman and Betty’s son, worked in family business while also working in the Department of Agriculture as a qualified horticulturist. When the time came for his father to retire Peter took over the reins.


During the recession of the 1990’s the business took a hit and other sources of income were needed to be found. Peter’s wife, Sue, continued to work in the business to keep it going.


Chris and Colin brought the business from Peter and Sue mid 2020, during the Covid rush on seeds, and moved the official headquarters back to the central Gippsland Region. They’re operating their seedroom from Golden Beach supported by Peter and Sue as consultants. Marketing as New Seeds – Gippsland fresh since 1923, Chris and Colin look forward to growing this family owned business and sending the freshest seeds out to you, all across Australia.