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The way you store your seeds can affect the quality of your seeds over time.
Storing them correctly from the moment you receive our shipment from New Seeds will help them last a little longer. Here is how we recommend you store your seeds to get the best germination results.
Moisture is the enemy of seeds, so keeping cool, dry and in a dark place is a good bet.

For the best storage

Store your seeds in your fridge in ziplock bags, airtight containers or jar with some desiccant/silica gel (if not available see below for an alternative ) to absorb moisture. Allow the container and seeds to come to room temp before opening. Do not let them freeze.

For short term storage

The next best place to store your seeds is in a cool dark, dry, cool location. Maybe a cupboard or dark draw will do. If kept in a sealed container you may still need to think about how to protect your seeds against rodents and other insects. Sweet corn, onion parsnips often have lower germination when stored for a period of time.

For those seeds that you have harvested yourself make sure your seeds are completely dry before storing.

No Silica gel?

If you do not have silica gel you can use powdered milk. About two tablespoons of powdered milk wrapped up in about 4 layers of tissue and placed in with your seeds will draw moisture away from your seeds. This needs to be replaced every 6 months or more if the container is coming in and out of the fridge often or in humid environments.

Even if you’re the storage queen, some seeds just will not germinate.

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