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Starting from seed is an inexpensive way to try your hand at exotic herb and vegetable gardening and you will be delighted by the fresh and crisp flavours that you bring in from your garden.


Asian Herbs

Asian herbs grow for almost any climate, and do well in pots. We recommend trying a few to expand your culinary horizons. Most require temperate /warm climates but can do well placed in a pot and brought up to the warmth near a window. Most herbs need sunlight, warmth and initial moisture and then can withstand some drier periods once the plants are mature.

They like:

  • Sunny locations
  • Good drainage
  • Protection from frost

Maintain your herbs by pruning back woody varieties to force compact growth, remove dead plant material and pinch off flowers, especially in plants like coriander or basil.

Asian Vegies

Unlike many traditional European and New World vegetables, Asian vegetable types mature extremely quickly, and once ready to harvest must be picked within a day or so. So we suggest small regular sowings to keep your garden fresh and stocked for dinner. A good example is Pak Choi (Bok Choy) which are best sown in summer and autumn in cold areas, July – March in warm areas and all year in tropics. Sow the seed where the crop is to be grown in a sunny spot, watering and feeding generously.

Asian root vegetables require similar growing conditions to things like radishes and beetroots and are usually planted in spring and autumn.

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